Drug-Free Policy

In 1995 WASCO, Inc. adopted its current Drug Free Workplace Policy,which states:

“We acknowledge that substance abuse is one of the most serious problems facing American society and business today. To help ensure a safe, healthy and productive work environment for the employees of WASCO, Inc. and others on company property, to protect company property and assets, to assure efficient operations, to protect the public and to comply with Federal Law mandating a DRUG-FREE workplace, WASCO, Inc. has adopted a policy on drugs, alcohol and other prohibited items.

It is the policy of WASCO to maintain its property and to provide a working environment that is both safe for its employees, including others having business with WASCO or on WASCO’s property, and is conductive to efficient and productive work standards. This Policy restricts certain items and substances from being brought on or being present on WASCO, Inc. property, and prohibits company employees and others working or being present on company property from having detectable levels or identifiable trace quantities of certain drugs and other substances in their system…”

In addition WASCO, Inc. joined the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace program. WASCO completes all requirements for full membership and fully supports this program.